Cleanup for the new Year

After watching many Craft Room Tours on YouTube, I got inspired to do a little cleanup of my own. I don’t have a separate craft room–just a corner in the living room, but it’s not closet-sized either.

I started out with my desktop, which was pretty cluttered. I thought keeping everything close would be more efficient–true, BUT, I think I need more actual working space.

So, I re-grouped my pens, pencils, markers and tools and transferred them to the top of one of my Ikea Raskog carts–much better! And you can roll it anywhere you like 🙂

Most frequently used craft supplies

The storage bags in the back hold all the different goodies I get from my monthly art box subscriptions–I get ArtSnacks and ScrawlBox and am always looking forward to getting my monthly deliveries. So far I have not received any duplicates between the two. For a while, I kept them in their individual boxes, but I couldn’t find anything that way. So, I used my trusty Brother P-Touch labeler and labeled each pen, pencil, brush (whatever) with the name (AS for ArtSnacks and SB for Scrawlrbox) and the kit number and/or Month and Year. Wow, look at me, all organized and stuff 🙂

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